Thursday, May 15, 2014

Serendipity and Twitter

Earlier this week I participated in a Twitter chat on the topic of "Engineered Serendipity", the concept that we can plan for serendipity in our personal and professional lives.

 The chat started with a  tweet containing a link to the article from the IDEO site using a Google URL shortner to save characters (only 140 per tweet) . Read the article here:

It was an insightful conversation about how to plan for unexpected moments that produce something of value when in positions of leadership, with our families, and our careers. Check it out here by searching the hashtag #ProDiscussion , or look at the screenshots below.

A lesson learned from this experience (Thanks to @KimballRay for the comment) :

  •  As mentioned before, there are only 140 characters to work with when writing a tweet. On a reply if there are several people involved in the chat, the usernames can take up the majority of those characters. So instead of hitting "reply" to respond, compose a new tweet and use the hashtag for the chat (#Prodiscussion in this case) to respond. It will give you more characters to work with. 

More on Twitter Chat and Professional/Personal Learning Networks:

Get on Twitter and engineer serendipity for yourself. Listed below are some leaders to follow that you will probably learn something from:

If you have people to add to this list  send me a tweet @quadshotwarrior or e-mail me here

Jonathan Silk is a Major in the U.S. Army. He has served as a Cavalry Scout platoon leader , and has commanded both a Tank Company and an Infantry Company. He is currently an Academic Instructor and serving as the Operations Officer for the Center for the Advancement of Leader Development and Organizational Learning (CALDOL) at the United States Army Military Academy, West Point, NY. He was a recipient of the calendar year 2009 General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award.

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