Monday, April 1, 2013

Reflective Journaling in the Leadership Classroom

Recently we ( myself and my fellow instructor) conducted a training simulation exercise in our classroom in which all of the cadets  were involved. The next class following the simulation we conducted an after action review (AAR) to pull out key learnings from the exercise. 

Following the AAR we had the cadets do a 5-minute reflective journaling exercise where they wrote for 5 minutes on their takeaways from the simulation exercise. 


The power of reflection after major events like this is the cadet can see the learning journey they just completed. They think back to where they were before the event, what happened during the event, and where they are presently after the event. Through reflection, they make sense of, and prepare for the next experience, make more connections, and  come up with more ideas.

We let 48 hours pass and then using the mobile learning technology Glassboard (read more about Glassboard here) we had the cadets share one of the key things the learned from the exercise. 

By sharing their key learning from the exercise in Glassboard the rest of the class was able to learn from their experiences as well.

Leadership Counts!!!

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