Thursday, December 6, 2012

Leadership in Action Exercise in the Classroom

Here is a picture of me and my fellow instructor conducting a storytelling exercise called “Leadership in Action” with cadets in our classroom at West Point.

The class is seated in learning huddles of 4-5. Each cadet takes one minute to tell a story of leadership they witnessed. Could be from high school, West Point, Athletics, etc…………. After every cadet tells their story one cadet stays at the table and the rest move to other tables with different cadets and they do it again. This goes on for three rounds. At the end of the third round everyone stands up and places their hand on the person whose story impacted them the most. The two or three cadets with the most hands on them repeat their story for the whole class.

 Several of the stories shared were of teachers that made a huge IMPACT on them. LEADERS create the future and that is what good teachers do for their students. Teachers empower and unleash the potential in their students helping to shape and create futures for their students. Leadership Counts!


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